Safeguarding life, property and the environment.

Hansen Protection targets specific markets through its designated business areas; Personal Protection, Protective Rainwear, and Marine & Special Products.

The company has demonstrated continuous significant growth over many years. The main focus has always been on safeguarding life in exposed, harsh environments. Hansen Protection has a strong position within the fields of personal protection and coated textiles. Hansen Protection’s expertise in advanced and coated textiles is used to create world class products that a number of industries and markets rely on. Through organic growth initiatives and acquisitions the company has taken significant steps towards becoming a diversified and leading European force. In its specialized field of harsh environment personal protection equipment the company will continue to develop its leading role, fueled by a continued rebound in the oil and gas industry and Hansen Protection’s attractive offering in a large and fragmented protective rainwear market. 

Hansen Protection will continue to grow its business by:

  • Supporting existing market leadership positions through continued product and service innovation
  • Leveraging the ongoing rebound in the oil and gas industry to drive revenues in both rental and sales of transport and survival suits
  • Expanding its geographical footprint and reinforcing its international distribution power.
  • Continuing on its strong growth trajectory in protective rainwear
  • Expanding its Integrated Services concept into the wind energy market
  • Seeking selective bolt-on acquisitions to support the overall strategy

Personal Protection

Hansen Protection designs and manufactures advanced survival suits, emergency suits and other harsh environment suits and lifejackets for various work and niche applications. Our survival equipment is provided to customers either through Integrated Services (a pay-per-use rental model), or through direct or distributor sales. 

Hansen Protection is a market leader of Integrated Services for survival suits and other harsh environment suits in its current European locations and have a particularly strong position in the offshore oil industry on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. 

Protective Rainwear

Hansen Protection designs, manufactures and sells protective rainwear tailored to a wide range of industries. The company’s protective rainwear products are grouped into four segments: Basic Protective Rainwear, High-visibility Protective Rainwear, Flame Retardant and Electric Arc Resistant Rainwear, and Insulated Protective Rainwear.

Marine & Special Products

Hansen Protection designs, manufacturers and sells customized textile products, including boat canopies, seating solutions and textile-based industrial products for customers within oil and gas, defense and agriculture. 

Hansen Protection’s boat canopies are manufactured from coated textiles, and are primarily sold to end-users in Norway and Sweden.