Hansen Protection will actively contribute to a better environment.


Hansen Protection’s main products are survival suits and related equipment, and protective rainwear. In addition, the company manufactures and sells canopies for leisure boats and custom-made textile solutions (primarily for marine and special applications). Our competence and long experience with advanced, technical and coated textiles enables us to deliver high quality products to our customers.


Our vision and driving force is that everything we do plays a critical role in safeguarding life, property and the environment.


Hansen Protection will contribute to a better environment by actively cooperating with customers and suppliers, enhancing environmental consciousness among employees, improving internal processes and adhering to laws and regulations. This means Hansen Protection will:

  • Design products of the highest quality and longevity to avoid unnecessary replacement and waste
  • Use recyclable packaging
  • Seek alternative, documented environmentally proven raw materials
  • Run its operations so as to minimize transport and travel
  • Base energy consumption on renewable energy

Our quality system is certified to EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 14001 standards and is simple, appropriate, and easy to understand. All employees participate to make it an active system in their everyday work.


Be strong, confident and warm to our customers, suppliers and employees.

Improvement Goal

Through continuous improvement, secure the company’s profitability by delivering products and services that satisfy customer’s present and future demands and expectations, based on our quality products, environmental philosophy and social responsibility.

Health, Safety & Environment Goal

Zero injuries.

Environmental Goal

Achieve improvements by actively contributing to compliance with the company’s environmental policy.

Terje Gorm Hansen