Hansen Protection, with headquarters in Moss, Norway has over 140 years of experience in design and production of advanced textile products for safeguarding people, property and environment. The company is a leading European supplier of cold-water survival suits and protective rainwear for use in harsh environments. In addition, the company is a leading supplier of coated textile products for the marine leisure craft market as well as for various niche applications in Scandinavia

Personal Protection

Advanced survival suits, emergency suits and other harsh environment suits and lifejackets for various work and niche applications.

Protective Rainwear

Basic Protective Rainwear, High-visibility Protective Rainwear, Flame Retardant and Electric ARC Resistant Rainwear and Insulated Protective Rainwear.


Customized textile products, including boat canopies, seating solutions and textile-based industrial products for customers in various sectors.