Safeguarding Human Life

Hansen Protection designs and manufactures advanced survival suits, emergency suits and other harsh environment suits and lifejackets for various work and niche applications. Our survival equipment is provided to customers either through Integrated Services (a pay-per-use rental model), or through direct or distributor sales. 

Integrated Services

Hansen Protection is a market leader of Integrated Services for survival suits and other harsh environment suits in its current European locations and have a particularly strong position in the offshore oil industry on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. 

Integrated Services is a turnkey outsourcing service for all functions related to handling, cleaning, repair and testing of transport suits. The handling and management of such suits requires a significant logistics setup and in-depth technical know-how in order to ensure the availability of exactly the right suits when and where needed, and to ensure compliance with applicable safety standards and regulatory requirements.

Hansen Protection has a significant infrastructure in place at all relevant helicopter bases in Norway and at strategic heliports in other locations to ensure proper storage and handling facilities with immediate access for customers’ personnel in transit.

Hansen Protection further strengthened its position in the Integrated Services market by entering the Offshore Wind Energy market in 2015 and reinforced this position through the acquisition of HeliPPE in 2018. Hansen Protection’s offering to the Wind Energy Industry also includes suit rental services for personnel being transported by CTV (Crew Transfer Vessels).

Anti-exposure and work suits for every situation

Hansen Protection’s product offering within the Personal Protection segment includes Transportation suits, Emergency suits, Work suits, Niche suits and Lifejackets.

Transport suits are designed for both helicopter passengers travelling to and from offshore installations and for helicopter pilots and crew both. Hansen Protection’s transport suit portfolio consists of SeaAir, SeaWind and SeaAir Europe, which have many built-in safety features and built-in thermal protection. Other features tailored for the specific use cases and climates are also available, such as mobility and flexibility for pilots and crew, extra insulation for extreme situations in Arctic waters, etc. Transport suits are mainly provided as part of Hansen Protection Integrated Services, but are also sold to customers.

Emergency suits protect against exposure and heat loss thus increasing survival time in extreme cold water situations. Typical user scenarios are emergency evacuation or having to abandon ship in an emergncy. The product range consists of a variety of suits developed for specific climates and cold-water conditions, e.g. SeaEco and SeaEco+ which are designed for emergencies on merchant vessels, while the Sea Nordic and SeaArctic are developed to withstand extra cold weather on fishing vessels, merchant ships and offshore installations. The emergency suit product portfolio also comprises special purpose suits like the NavyQuick Donning suit developed for the Royal Norwegian Navy and NATO affiliates throughout Europe, and the passenger suit SeaPass. Emergency suits are sold both directly to customers and through Hansen Protection’s international network of distributors.

Work suits are designed to be worn at all times for various work applications, in particular in maritime environments. The product range, consisting of SeaMOB, SeaWork and E 300-2 are multi-purpose suits designed for work in exposed situations on deck, man overboard (MOB) operations and where the users need freedom of movement to perform their tasks. The product range also includes SeaWind, which is designed for and used by workers on wind turbines and as a shipping work suit. The work suits are sold both directly to customers and through Hansen Protection’s international network of distributors.

Niche suits are designed for special applications such as aviation, military, SAR (Search and Rescue), fire brigades and police use. The product range comprises products such as SeaRescue, which is designed for emergency search and rescue surface operations, and SeaSwim, which is designed for surface swimming and shallow water dives. Niche suits are developed in close cooperation with customers and end-users. Niche suits are sold both directly to customers and through Hansen Protections international network of distributors.

Lifejackets are mandatory with selected suits that are not certified to be used without one, and Hansen Protection offers a wide range of lifejackets for various purposes and customer groups. Lifejackets may be equipped with a safety harness, buddy line, sprayhood and personal locator beacon (PLB). Lifejackets are sold both directly to customers and through Hansen Protection’s international network of distributors.