Survival Suit / Helicopter Suit

SeaAir Canada: Offshore / Transport Suit / Immersion Suit

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SeaAir Canada: Offshore / Helicopter Transport Suit / Survival Suit
SeaAir Canada: Offshore / Helicopter Transport Suit / Survival Suit
SeaAir Canada: Offshore / Helicopter Transport Suit / Survival Suit

Based on SeaAir - The most "intelligent" surival suit - ever!

The SeaAir Canada suit is a further development and refinement of the successful SeaAir Helicopter Passenger Transport Survival Suit used on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS) for several years.

HPL-2 Emergency Position-Indicating Radio Beacon

Previous tracking transmitters used by offshore oil workers have only transmitted signals on the 121.5 MHz (VHF) emergency wave band that only rescue helicopters and rescue boats could pick up. But now we have developed a radio beacon that combines signals on several different frequencies.

HPL-2 Emergency Position-Indicating Radio Beacon

SeaAir CA EBS Emergency Breathing System

Its capability to withstand freezing temperatures, a design that enables breathing to start under water, its unique nose clip and are all factors that combined have resulted in CAA-UK approval for SeaAir CA EBS for use in helicopter transport to and from oil rigs. Read our SeaAir CA EBS press release.

SeaAir Canada

Transport Canada approved certificate AP-98.

Technical Description
  • SeaAir Canada is a further development of SeaAir
  • Ergonomic construction for freedom of movement and comfort both in service and emergency
  • Easy to don with main zipper in hood/face seal
  • Improved hood construction with integrated spray shield for easy deployment
  • Main fabric specially selected quality from GoreTex®
  • Special spacer mesh lining to enhance air distribution and insulation
  • Lining combined with “intelligent” phase change material Outlast® providing extra warmth in cold conditions and comfortable cooling in warm conditions
  • Wrists with comfortable seals and integrated waterproof gloves
  • Soft waterproof zipper easy to operate
  • Soft comfortable lightweight boots in rubber / neoprene
  • Exhaust valves on shoulders and lower legs elimination of trapped air
  • Integrated 150N buoyancy lung
  • The SeaAir Canada Suit is available in 58 body sizes with a possibility of 7 boot sizes, 5 glove and cuff sizes and 6 hood sizes:
Survival Suit / Immersion Suit

From one of the world's foremost developers and manufacturers of survival equipment

Hansen Protection has been a pioneer in safety at sea since we launched kapok lifejackets in 1932.

Our current range continues the company's strong traditions, where our greatest concern is to ensure optimal functionality and performance for all types of work at sea.

A first class survival suit can mean the difference between life and death.

As one of the world's foremost developers and manufacturers of survival equipment, Hansen Protection can offer a wide collection of survival suits. Survival can never be guaranteed, but we can guarantee that our survival suits satisfy the highest demands for safety.

Survival suits are obligatory for personnel on oil rigs, passenger ferries, merchant and fishing fleets plus in offshore helicopter transport.

Our dry suits provide sufficient buoyancy and protect against heat loss, and thus increase the survival time in cold water. All suits are tested and approved according to the strictest national and international standards.

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